The following testimonials have been collected from patients I have seen over the past 2 years. They have been edited in order to preserve people’s identities. Patients have given their permission for their testimonials to be published.

Mr P O – July 2012

Condition/symptoms patient presented with:   Shoulder pain

I have had a recurring “knot” in a shoulder muscle for as long as I can remember.  Various medical professionals have marvelled at it over the years, amazed by how solid and obstinate it is.    After a LOT of physiotherapy and a bad experience with a chiropractor, I came to accept that I was just going to have to live with this ball of tension long-term.

That was, until I came across Central Manchester Osteopathy.

From my first appointment I felt totally confident in Jose.  He takes time and great care to make you feel at ease, to make a thorough  assessment, and to always explain what he is doing and why.  By helping me understand my injury, he helped me be part of the solution.

My treatments have included “homework” in the form of exercises and precautions to be taken, which no doubt have helped.

For me, the best part of my treatment has been dry-needling.  Not at all as scary as it sounds, Jose’s incredible dry-needling skills have given me dramatic and lasting relief within hours – something I never thought possible!

Over the course of 6 weeks, my symptoms have decreased quite a lot, and I feel like we’re really addressing the causes of my discomfort, and not just the symptoms.

Mr I H – July 2012

Condition/symptoms patient presented with:   Lower back / hip  pain

I have played league cricket for over 35 years and had minor back and leg injuires over the years, I recently suffered a lower back injury. Having visited Jose he assessed the problem and diagonosed the issue to be hip related. Following two sessions and some exercises I felt much more mobile, infact more flexible than for several years. I attended a third time for a final assessement, when Jose signed me off from further treatment. I played cricket the next day opening the batting and bowling a 14 over spell. After the game I felt no pain or aches in my lower back and in fact was more mobile after the game than I had been for several years.

Well done Jose

Mr J S – February 2011

Condition/symptoms patient presented with: Lower Back Pain

As a regular gym user I started to notice a niggling pain in my back whenever I was training. Over time it became worse and worse so one of my friends recommended Jose as an osteopath. I had never had osteopathy before but I booked an appointment.

I found Jose to be not only a complete professional but also a really friendly guy who completely put me at my ease. He swiftly identified my problem, talked me through the treatment and even looked at a secondary issue with my knee, which I hadn’t even gone in for. After one session my problem was completely healed and I was able to go back to the gym the next day!

Mrs P C  – February 2011

Condition/symptoms patient presented with:  Lower Back Pain

I initially visited my GP with lower back pain, he recommended that I did my own research to locate an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.  Following a few phone calls and some internet surfing I chose Warrington Osteopaths.  My treatment started with an initial consultation lasting for one hour.  At the end of the hour I knew exactly where the problem was located and how it was affecting other areas such as my leg and hip.  I found it really reassuring that the Osteopath located all areas of inflammation.  His explanation on the pain that I was experiencing helped me to work out exactly what was causing the pain, in my case my car seat.
I have now had 3 follow up appointments lasting half an hour each, my pain has reduced significantly following each visit and I am on the road to recovery. I have to give total responsibility for this improvement to the diagnosis & treatment I have received from my Osteopath “Jose Fernandez”. My experience of the Practice is professional yet friendly and very supportive.

Mr L M – December 2010

Condition/symptoms patient presented with:   Shoulder pain

I was nervous at first as to what to expect from an Osteopath as opposed to a Pyhsio. I had shoulder pain which was impacting my ability to reach my goals with my gym training and also caused discomfort with my running. Jose immediately put me at ease and spent time discussing what the treatment would involve and also taking a full history to ensure a good diagnosis. He was totally honest about what I could expect in terms of results. At each point of the treatment Jose explained what he was going to do. He gave me exercises to do in between consultations. My shoulder began to heal quickly and the pain subsided during my training. I was extremely pleased to be able to carry on with my training and my running. I am happy to and have recommended Jose to my friends.

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