Q. I don’t have a particular pain but I can suffer from aching neck and shoulders after working all day in the office. Can I just come for a massage?

A. Of course, we will be very happy to help. Both osteopathy and massage can be an excellent preventative tool to keep you injury-free. Modern lifestyles, with endless hours in front of computers, do not help; the body develops muscular and joint strains that become almost normal to us but that left untreated can become a nuisance.

We will still take an initial medical history on your first visit to make sure we can give you the best treatment.

Q. I was injured while doing sport – can you help me to get better?

A. Absolutely. We will construct a case history and examine you through orthopedic testing to understand the nature of your injury and devise a recovery plan for you. We will also consider other strategies to help you with your recovery, such as rehab exercises, stretches and other easy-to-do techniques to help you go back into sport.

Q. How do I know that osteopathy will help me?

A. During your first visit, once we take your medical history and examine you, we will be able to give you an idea if we can help you or if you should see another therapist. If this is the case, no charge will be made and we will refer you to the most appropriate professional in your area.

Q. Is our discussion and consultation confidential?

A. Yes. All discussion and subsequent treatment is strictly confidential. If we feel we would like to refer you to another health professional, we would always discuss it with you first.

Q. What are your opening hours?

A.   We can see you from 08:00hrs to 20:00hrs, Monday to Friday, and from 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. Booking is essential so please call on 07866705385 or send us an  email to info@centralmanchesterosteopathy.com  If we cannot talk to you immediately (usually because we are with a client), please leave your details and we will always contact you as soon as we can.

Q. Where are you?

A. We are located in the heart of town at the Friends’ Meeting House, a beautiful classical building behind the Central Library and Albert Square. You will need to come through the entrance on Bootle St (next door to the police station).  Please ring the buzzer and follow the signs.

The practice has full disabled access. Our full postal address is:

Central Manchester Osteopathy and Sports Therapy
Friends’ Meeting House (Bootle st entrance)
6 Mount St
M2 3NS

Q. How can I make an appointment?

A. Simply call us on 07866 705 385 and we will arrange your appointment.  You can also email us to: info@centralmanchesterosteopathy.com

Q. Will I need to come for more than one appointment?

A. After your first appointment, we will talk to you about what we feel to be the best route for your recovery and what we can do to help. Some conditions can be resolved in a few treatments whilst others take longer.

Q. How will a feel after a treatment?

A. Our aim is to help you to feel better and generally there should be a relief from pain after treatment. On some occasions, and while the body goes through its own process of readjustment, you may feel a little sore for up to 48 hrs, after which there should be noticeable improvement. We will always encourage you to give us some feedback after treatment and to support your recovery as advised.

The ‘rule of thumb’ is that the longer you have been in ‘pain’, the longer it will take to help you out of it completely. Everybody is different and one’s lifestyle influences massively the way one recovers. We will talk to you about your treatment plan and how we feel we can help you.

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