Osteopathy & Sports Therapy in Manchester

City centre, behind Central Library

We help relieve your aches and pains by looking at the ‘bigger picture’, not only where it hurts

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If you’ve ever experienced …..

• a calf muscle that hurts after exercise

• a sore neck from sitting at a computer screen all day

• a back pain that’s been niggling you

• a shoulder pain while you train at the gym

…then the holistic approach of osteopathy could be just what you need. The body is a complex unit and it is our job to make sure every element works as well as possible to ensure the best recovery.

Osteopathy can be an effective way to treat most muscle and joint pain such as:


Back and neck pain
Shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, elbow, hand, wrist or foot pain
Posture related pain
Sciatic pain
Tension headaches and migraines
Minor Sport injuries
Accidents and falls

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